Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at Nana's

Over New Years weekend we went to Navarre, FL to celebrate with Nana. Christy, Zach, Alex & Annah Parker were there, as well as Michelle & Sheldon. The weather was SO great on NYE that we were able to take the kids to the beach to play in the sand. They had a ball- the cold water didn't even seem to bother them! Oh to be a kid again! Here are some pics of our adventure.

Aunt Christy with the kids

Alex & Annah Parker- our gorgeous nieces

AP informed me that she was making "sand balls" and throwing them in the water. I guess thats what you do when you have sand and not snow to play in.

This is Trav's cool new car that we can push him around in. He loves this thing!

1st sparkler experience...

We wanted a picture of all 3 kids in front of Nana's tree in their Christmas jammies. Easier said than done! I don't know how anyone with 3 kids gets a good picture with everyone looking, smiling and being still at the same time.

My handsome boys! I love this picture of my guys.

We had our big lunch on New Years Day and Nana set Travis a place at the table. The place setting was too cute not to take a picture of, she had the tiniest spoon and fork and a little glass. It was so sweet for her to think of Travis... too bad he slept thru lunch. :)