Friday, February 5, 2010

Mommy & Me Day

So the temp got above 50 on Wed. and Travis and I needed to be in Huntsville anyway. While we were there we met with Carson for lunch and made a trip to Big Spring Park to feed the ducks. Now if you've never fed the ducks at this park- let me tell you about these ducks. They know why you are there and they are aggressive! Even if you just sit down to eat lunch at a table, they come all the way under the table and make this barking sound. I'm willing to bet they would eat out of your hand if you tried. I've never attempted as I don't want to pull back a nub. lol! All of the ducks were on good behavior and didn't try to attack my boy! Trav was in heaven with all of these ducks surrounding him; he kept screaming "duck, duck, duck" and pointing in every direction.

On the way home from Huntsville we stopped by our favorite playground. As always Trav had a ball! Just in the past few visits he has gotten so confident and brave. He climbs up the steps and goes down the slide by himself. We had to "ride" on all of the spring animals, he had to push the swings and say "wheeee" and of course he got in the swing and let me push him. I really LOVE this playground and lucky for me it isn't too far from the house. I'm sure this will be a popular place for us this spring/summer.