Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Travis the librarian

We keep all of the boss's books on the bookcase in the living room. Most of the books he doesn't get to play with, but he has about a dozen that are all his. Today I was in the kitchen doing dishes and it was waaay to quiet in the living room so I peeked in to see what was the matter. I found boss man organizing his books! He was putting all of his "play books" onto the shelf with his good books. The catch is that we have the good books wedged so tightly on the shelf that not a single piece of paper would fit between them. So what he was actually doing was putting them on the shelf in front of other books, between the books that stick out further on the shelf, and on the top shelf that he can barely reach. It was super cute and funny- he was so serious and working so hard.

He really does LOVE his books & he LOVES being read to!

( I just looked at these pics again and I'm cracking up at Trav's 'The Pirate Ship' book next to Carson's 'Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics' book!!!)


Darbi said...

Yay!!! I'm glad he likes his books!! BTW... i'm attempting to blog again.

Courtney said...

I saw that you were doing it and changed the name. But when I click on your blog it tells me it can't be found??? Super strange!!