Friday, April 2, 2010

Condensed Versions of the Trav

Birds in the rain:
One day last week while the boss and I were stuck in the house all day due to the rain, I was doing dishes when I realized that our house was too quiet. I looked around for him and found him sitting in the floor of the dining room, looking out the window perfectly still and quiet. I went over and bent down to his level and he looked at me and just said "birds" and pointed out the window. He had been sitting there for who knows how long just watching 2 birds play in the rain in our front yard. I sat down in the floor with him and he climbed into my lap and we watched the birds play for another ten minutes.
These are my favorite mommy moments, when he makes me slow down and notice the little things that are so new and cool to him but that I wouldn't notice otherwise.

Daddy & the dogs:
You know that toddlers are often called sponges. Travis has picked up on the ways we call the dogs to get them to come to us and has started mimicking us. Often times we will slap the arm of the leather recliner and the noise makes the dogs come running and jump in our laps. This is what Trav picked up on first; he would climb into Carson's lap and slap the arm of the chair expecting the dogs to come. Of course they don't because they avoid him at all costs. Our oldest dog Killer is a fool for kissy sounds- he can't resist it....until Trav does it. He picked up on Carson making that noise and saw that Killer came to him. So now he climbs up into Carson's lap and makes the kissy noise while slapping the arm of the chair and the dogs still won't come. Finally he will look at Carson and question "dogs?" then go right back to his dog calls. Of course we always make the dogs go over and let him pet them and point out the eyes, ears, mouth, nose & teeth before we let them run off. Carson said to me earlier this week "he only uses me to get the dogs- that’s the only time he's happy just sitting in my lap" to which I responded "just be glad he gets up there and sits still!”
In the dogs defense- I wouldn't go running to anyone that throws sippy cups at me on a daily basis either! No matter what noises they were making.

Every night at dinner we have the 'don't feed the dogs' talk. And every night the dogs get bites of whatever the boss is having for dinner. Of course we have the daily 'Trav don't mess with the dog food' talks as well. So I can understand how confusing all of this must be to a toddler. Travis now scolds the dogs telling them "no no" or "no bite" every time they go to the dog bowls to get a bite or a drink of water. We correct him, explaining that the dogs eat out of the dog bowls so its okay, but I will admit that I'm glad to see he's picking up on the rules. Even if he is getting them a little backwards.

Dance, Dance:
The boss man LOVES to dance! Any music he hears he starts moving & shaking, it doesn't matter if we're at home or in the grocery store. But one of his current favorite dance jams is 'Bad Romance' by Lady Ga Ga. I can play it in the car and he just goes nuts. Hilarious!!!