Thursday, May 27, 2010

City of Brotherly Love

We had a very FULL last day in Philly! Trav and I started out with a double decker bus tour of the city. Then we headed to The Academy of Natural Science Museum to check out the dinosaurs and butterflies. Carson finished up his conference that afternoon so we met up with him to go do some more sightseeing. The three of us went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Rocky statue and of course run the 72 steps that were made famous in the Rocky movies. We went to the Rodin Museum to see the famous Thinker statue and the beautiful Gates of Hell. After that we caught the trolley back to historic Philly to tour Independence Hall, which was more interesting then I had thought it would be. Since we missed the last trolley back to the hotel we did our own walking tour of downtown and made sure to see Ben Franklin's grave and Chinatown on the way. I really wanted to have dinner at McGillin's Old Ale House so we went there only to be run out by the noise. We did get our dinner to go and it was yummy!! After dinner we went to the JFK Park to see the LOVE sign and some more of the super old buildings that were near our hotel. Enjoy the pictures- we'll enjoy the memories!!!!

The Academy of Natural Science Museum

Trav & a moose

Me comparing my hand to a HUGE moth in the butterfly house. Trav and I really enjoyed this part. We got to see a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, it was awesome to see that process!!

Petting a bunny- he was really sweet saying "bunny, awwww" over and over again.

Like Rocky!-- The Philadelphia Museum of Art

I am so proud of Trav- he climbed all 72 steps all by himself! Such a big boy!!!

The boss & daddy half way up the steps.

Its Rocky!! lol

The Rodin Museum

My guys just thinkin'... cute!

Carson & the boss standing in front of the Gates of Hell.

This is the Gates of Hell- funny thing is tons of people get married here every year because it is sooo pretty but they don't realize they are having their wedding pictures made in front of the Gates of Hell. lol!!

I'm glad we stopped there, it was a really pretty and peaceful garden.

Independence Hall- I wish I could caption all of these pictures but I'm afraid I'd get something historically wrong. Basically these rooms are where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted and the idea of freedom began.

This is what the boss thought of all the history! Snore!!!

Our round about walking tour of downtown Philly

This is where we had lunch every day! It is a market place that has about 70 vendors, so we could have something different every day. Of course we had a Philly Cheesesteak the first day!!

CHINATOWN entrance

Here lies Ben Franklin--- incase you didn't know, he's kind of a big deal in Philly. :)

This is where Carson spent most of our trip...working.

Last night in Philly...

Where we attempted to have dinner our last night...seriously WAY too loud but really nice people and good food.

The most beautiful building I think we saw. I could post tons of pics, but I won't bore you.

Me + the boss = LOVE